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Cinder and Sonic Boom fainted and the 2 boys (Camo & Spyro) have to find Whirlwind.


"Whirlwind!" Spyro shouted. Suddenly Sunburn and Whirlwind stopped dancing. "What happended?!" Whirlwind questioned concerningly." I was just greeting Cinder when she just fainted!" Spyro answered." Hey buddy Cinder's not the only one," Someone whispered in the shadows."Who is there?!" Sunburn bravely snapped. Camo stepped out of the darkness and he had someone on his back."Son too?!" Whirlwind gasped."Wait a minute," Spyro said ",How come Cinder and Sonic Boom have fainted and Whirlwind hasn't?" Camo and Sunburn thought about what Spyro said deeply."Whirlwind has Cinder and Sonic Boom done something that you haven't?" Camo asked. "Well, Ugh I... can't reme...THATS IT!" Whirlwind cried. "Whats what?"Sunburn said as if he was confused."Flynn, he shook Cinder and Sonic Boom's paw and I declined the shake!" Whirlwind continued ", He must have something on his mabu paw that isn't female friendly!"Sunburn brightened up his face ",Good thinking Whirl, you figured it out!" Sunburn congratulated.", We will stay with the fainted girls while you make your way to Flynn,"Spyro replied. Whirlwind smiled ", OK! Lets go Sunburn!" Whirlwind shouted in Sunburns ear. The two left the couples and headed to the mabu.

"Hiya Whirlwind and Sunburn, what brings you to the balloon of wonders?BOOM!" Flynn shouted. "We need to talk to you," Whirlwind said confidently.



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